Cedarbrook Studio | About

My Photographs Tell a Story.


I started with humble beginnings and a 110 pocket camera at age 9. The love of art and expressing my creativity was apparent to me, but I was always too self conscious to pursue my dream of becoming an artist. 


In 2011, my family lost many belongings and our sense of home in a freak landslide that severely damaged our home in the hills of Northern Vermont. Shortly after that, I decided that life is too short and I had nothing to lose by taking that next step toward my lifelong dream. Cedarbrook Studio was created in September of 2011. The name was inspired by my West Coast roots and the stately red cedar trees enjoyed as a child and our first home in Vermont that was on peaceful Joe's Brook. 


Fast forward to 2017. With 5 years behind my freelance photography, photographing hundreds of families, doing some commercial work and a handful of weddings and events, along with a recent move back to the West Coast to be closer to family, I'm excited to photograph new places and capture memories for families I have yet to meet. My style is relaxed, easy going and fun.  My goal is to capture a story, a moment in time that we share together with you and your loved ones. 


I look forward to meeting you and helping to tell your story through my photographs.